Tofino Day 3

Updated: Mar 21


Leaving Tofino is always the hardest part (besides deciding what scoop of Gelato I want from Chocolate Tofino)

Thank you for reading! If you didn't gather from my writing above, 100% get yer butt to Chocolate Tofino. We went there on our third day there! It is so freakin delish.

In the same lot, there is the Wildside Grill, Tacofino, and Live to Surf shop! (There is more little stores and cool things to check out as well, these are just our go to's)

Live to Surf does rentals for all surfing stuff, and they are just in between Chesterman and Mackenzie beach. Both sweet spots to surf!

The Wildside grill is our favourite spot. We always share the salmon fish n chips. I also tried the Seafood Gumbo! It was so so so good.

We hopped around to Tonquin beach, which is such a cool little spot, but the tide was high so we couldn't really get down to explore much. The trail down to the little bay is so unique and awesome to check out. It is a must see when going to Tofino!

We went and drove down to Chesterman after and saw lots of people doing some surf practice. The surf wasnt too crazy so it was a perfect time for people to learn! Lots of little ones body surfing as well.

We saw these super cool birds I think were called Sand Pipers and they flew in the craziest sequence! I had never seen anything like them before. Tiny little birds full of spunk.

After this we head back to our cabin for some Spaghetti and did a bit more skimming! We then went to the indoor pool/hot tub to warm up because it was a LOT colder this day than any day there.

That was the end of our time in Tofino. It was such an amazing trip but we had a couple other spots to visit before leaving! Off to Ucluelet the next morning... <3

Ucluelet is such a cool little town with one of the most beautiful bays I have ever seen!

We had brunch at the Blue Room, A West Coast Bistro - which is just on the main street in Ukee. It has the most delicious food and the prices are incredible.

After that we went to Amphitrite Lighthouse! We have a lighthouse at home but I think I have a bit of a love affair with them and need to see them all!

It was SUCH a beautiful spot with the most wild and vast views of the Pacific Ocean crashing on the open rock face.

It is definitely such a cool spot to check out!

We drove over to "Big Beach" after this, which was our last stop before our big drive home.

Big beach is such an amazing spot! We searched and found SO much sea glass. So many cool shells, and beautiful rocks.

Okay, but lets all give Dan props for taking these super wicked shots of me! Stoked about these two...

The coolest ending to our trip. The most majestic Bald Eagle swooped above the trees. It was so big it caught my attention right away! I was so happy to see that before the drive home.

These last few are my favourite!

Thank you for reading about our trip, there will be more posts from my adventures in the future.

light and love!