Tofino Day 2

Updated: Mar 21

Hi all!

If you read my last post (Day 1) than this is a lead off from that!

Our 2nd day in Tofino was a blast! We had to drive out of Tofino and back into Port Alberni (about 1.5 hours) to get me a new camera charger, so that was a fun time :) *sarcasm*

We drove back and had a quick bite to eat then adventured to Mackenzie beach which was where we were staying.

Dan did some skim boarding and I walked around and took photos!

The weather was pretty crazy, went from a torrential down pour to a little peak through of sunshine. I even had to take my jackets off I got so warm from climbing all over the rocks.

I let him continue skimming and I wandered around the edge of the waves shooting more photos. I have a few favourites to share.

Dan finished his boarding and went to shower the remaining sand off before we had our nice dinner out. I continued to comb the beach a little bit.

I truly enjoy being at the beach alone sometimes! It's such a beautiful feeling watching the waves crash and taking photos of literally everything lol...

Here are my favourite shots from our 2nd day in Tofino!

Till next time,