Tofino Day 1

Updated: Mar 21

Over the last 2 years my boyfriend and I decided to try and make it a regular thing to go to Tofino for a couple days in the Summer and Winter. So far, we have come up last summer and the summer before, as well as last winter. We are here now (2nd time in the winter) for 3 days!

Tofino is a small coastal town on Vancouver Island here on the Westcoast! It sprawls on a peninsula within Clayoquot Sound. It also sits just past the Pacific Rim National Park. There are tons of beaches with year round surfing. We are here during the Westcoast's storm watching season.

I am writing this on day 1 (we got here yesterday though). I am so excited to share a couple of my favourite photos and stories from the trip.

The drive up here is ridiculously beautiful in the Winter time. Fog sits low on the mountains and part way through there is usually a little bit of snow, which makes for a gorgeous winter wonderland. My favourite part is the Kennedy River. You can see it just as you finish the drive off of Sutton Summit. When we saw Kennedy River this summer there was absolutely zero water on it. This time as we passed it, it was flowing more than I have EVER seen! Plowing through with no rocks under to be seen.

Foggy mountain tops

Kennedy River

Kennedy River has this fence right above it beside where cars usually park/pull over to visit the site. The fence has locks, chains, and random miscellaneous stuff attached to it! Super cool and unique thing to see. If you have ever been to Paris, it is kind of similar to the bridge above the river there.

Stuff on the fence next to Kennedy River

There was a tiny bit of construction as we came past Kennedy Lake (which is just past the river spot I talk about above) and the workers were standing in the torrential down pour. Rain is a regular thing here in the winter, we get more rain than snow usually. The workers did such an awesome job on such a sketchy highway.

*NOTE* The highway yes can be sketchy, is windy, and slippery, BUT, it is so incredibly worth it to make the drive. The highway itself on way to Tofino is one of the best parts of Vancouver Island.

The forests along the drive are so vast, full of wild life and trees that never end. Its truly amazing to see just how much remoteness there is.

When we got to Tofino, he did a bit of skim boarding at Incinerator Rock (which is on the north end of Long Beach). Yes, we recognize it is January but he at least still wore his big comfy sweater! After that we drove to the cabin we are staying at and checked in! We have stayed at this cabin village before. It is called Ocean Village Resort and it is right on Mackenzie Beach here in Tofino. It has the most breath taking views of waves crashing on rocks, and the most amazing staff and surrounding area. We checked in quick, and have a great room.

We woke up around 2am to the sound of the craziest thunder and brightest lightening I think I have EVER seen! Apparently it is normal here. We don't get a lot of thunderstorms at home in Victoria (which is at the South tip of Vancouver Island). The thunder was so loud it sounded like it was inside the cabin. I couldn't believe it!

To end this recap, I would just like to say thank you to the amazing staff at Ocean Village Resort. Everything, including the grounds are kept so nice and clean, and they are the friendliest of people!

Tonight we are heading to Shelter Restaurant (which is towards town) for some yummy supper. I can't wait. The restaurants here in Tofino are absolutely amazing. Friendly staff, beautiful views, and cozy ambiance. I will let you all know what I have and what its like tomorrow in my "Day 2" post!

Tomorrow we are going to do more skim boarding, probably eat copious amounts of fish n chips and gelato, do a lil shopping at the unique and funky shops here, and more beach hopping.

Till tomorrow!