Jenn & Isla

Updated: Mar 21

Let me just start off by saying that we had to reschedule this sessions once already because of weather. Fall/Winter sessions drive me insane sometimes. So so hard to settle on a date and such when its all weather dependant and LIGHT dependant. All in all though, I am so stoked we finally got to do this session because 1. Jenn's darling little gal Isla is a legit baby elf and I cannot handle it, and 2. I have been one of Jenn's RMT clients for over 3 years now and I am so so stoked she asked me to document some images of her and her little girl.

We did this session at Saxe Point Park here in Victoria, around 1030am. The clouds stayed but the rain held off which was amaaaaaze. It was SO chilly though, like I was bundled and deffs felt bad that Jenn & Isla were photo-ready and not as bundled as me LOL.

We shot for about.... 40 minutes until baby meltdown mode, but needless to say I am so stoked on these images. They really show Isla's serious personality with her sneaky smiles popping in once in a while too. Also, take a look at Jenn's eyes. Like are you kidding me? The most beautiful eyes I have ever seen!! xx