Lindsay Bryan

Updated: Mar 21

Hey All - its been a hot minute since i've written and posted a few photos from a session lately but I am so excited to share some of these promo photos from my shoot with local musician Lindsay.

I first officially met Lindsay when I did a project a couple years called Women FOR Women. It featured about 20 women in Victoria and across Canada who are part of the music industry. It was mainly a way to shine light on women and share some of their stories.

Since then, I've seen Lindsay play on numerous different accounts in projects like her own solo stuff, her cover band The Brightside & her electro-pop band LABS. Check them out if you haven't heard.

Lindsay reached out to me to book a promo session to vibe up her newly updated website & online feed. So that way she can have a full new re-brand. I loved the idea and have always been such a big fan of hers for a long time, so needless to say I was preeeeeeetty stoked.

Alright so here are some of my fav photos from our shoot together. We went to this super wicked reservoir park area in Victoria and I had no idea there was such a cool spot so close to home! So thank you Lindsay for showing me this. She says its somewhere that is so close to her heart, so I tried to work with that and bring it out.

Thats all for today. I can't wait to share some of the fun family sessions I have this weekend.

Have a happy rainy fall weekend everyone!

xo Dani