Said The Whale @ Capital Ballroom

Since way back when I can remember loving STW's (Said the Whale) music. All through high school I enjoyed their tunes and especially when sailing and being on the water was such a big thing in my life, their West coast vibes sure resonated with me a lot.

Since the past 2 years of dating my boyfriend he reintroduced the band with their new music and since being together we have seen them at least 4 or 5 times. My boyfriend being a musician loves their music in other ways than just a regular listener. He loves the production, and musicianship.

They had me come down to their show at Royal Bay Secondary, one of our local high school's here in Victoria, to capture them playing and giving the school money towards their music program. They travelled across to a couple schools but ours I believe was the only one on the Island which is so amazing.

With that being said, this show I am blogging about today is one of my most favourite shows of theirs to date. They played at Victoria's Capital Ballroom and seriously brought out such an amazing show. For someone who's work really requires specific lighting, I was SO STOKED because they had the coolest light set up, and generally CB is very dark to begin with.

Okay, I am stoked to share these images! A short few from Septembers show.