Kelly & Roy

Hi friends. I will start off by saying holllllly what a crazy last few weeks it's been. With all this COVID-19 craziness going on all small business owners are struggling. That being said, it gives us some time to do some creative online work, revamp our web presence, etc!

I have shared a few images from this session, but I have been dying to share more since I finished editing it.

Let me just say that when Kelly came to me asking if I would do some couples photos for her and her boyfriend (spoiler: now Fiance) I was so so stoked. They are such great family friends I was of course honoured to snap these images.

A bit of a backstory for you: a few months prior to the session when Roy and Kelly were still bf & gf... Kelly asked me if I would do some couples photos for them, and she was going to propose TO Roy on the leap year. If you aren't aware, it is an Irish Tradition that the woman proposes to the man on the leap year (every 4 years). Kelly told me her plan and I was soooo stoked.

Lets just flash forward a few weeks to Kelly's birthday. Clearlllly one thing lead to another and ROY PROPOSED. BEFORE THE PHOTOSHOOT. LOL....

Everyone knew about Kelly's plan EXCEPT ROY of course, so we were all half bummed she didn't get to pull it off but more so STOKED that he got down on one knee and they are now ENGAGED. So the session was perfectly timed honestly because now they have their engagement photos!

I am so so proud of these images, check em out below! x