Erikson Wedding

Updated: Mar 21

I was asked by my boyfriends cousin's Fiance (now wife) when they got engaged if I would take photos at her wedding. I am so so so proud of the ones i am going to display here today!

Here is a little backstory. The wedding was up in Sicamous, BC. For you folk who have no idea where that is, it is just outside of Salmon Arm, BC (which is basically the interior of our province). We drove up Thursday and the wedding was on Saturday, June 1st.

This wedding was a 4th generation Erikson wedding at the old and rustic Cambie Hall. The hall stands big and wooden with an old sign reading "Cambie Hall" on the front top of it. It is in a small field area with space for games, motorbikes, and the old Model T. This was a super special place for the Erikson's to have a wedding because of how many memories that hall holds for their family, I was so so so grateful to be a part of it.

If this wedding had a theme I would say it definitely showed off a little bit of vintage, a lot of biker, and smidge of country. I loved how rustic and unique this wedding was. Truly a beautiful and magical day. Here are a few photos from the day that I LOVE the most. From the start of my time with the boys, to when the sun was about to set and I stole the couple for a few intimate moments, just to grab a few photos away from the crowds.

xx - Dani