Hello friends! I'm so glad you're here.

My name is Danielle, but my family & friends call me Dani.

I also go by Dan, Danno, Dan-Dan, & D. (Fun fact, my boyfriend is also a Dan)

I am the hopeless romantic, sarcastic giggler, barefoot &

wild haired lady behind the lens capturing stories.

I am from the rainy & uniquely beautiful West Coast of Canada. 

Where the trees are tall & the oceans are vast. This is where my heart lies.

I love seafood & white wine 

I love musicians (so much that I have been dating one for 3 years!)

I believe love is LOVE no matter what. All love is equal.

My mum taught me to always speak my opinion, and stay true to myself.

I secretly look forward to reality tv. I live for the Bachelor/Bachelorette. (don't tell)

I love sad songs & beautiful stories, even if they're fiction, especially if they bring me to tears.

The fog that settles on the West Coast mountains in the fall/winter is probably one of my favourite things ever.

I love old country music & have an ever growing record collection. 

I will 100000% cry at your wedding.

I adore poetry & florals. If I wasn't a photographer I'd love a career or even a hobby as a florist.

Recently I have started looooving cooking, more than I used to that's for sure.

I love road trips (especially when I don't have to do much of the driving, I could stare out the car window for hours)

Vintage anything makes my heart race & fills my soul. 

90% of my music library is 60s-70s folk/rock.

I have spent a lot of my life on the ocean, sailing & teaching sailing. If I am not at home, you will definitely find me at the beach.

I prefer spring to summer & fall over winter. I love the rain, not really a fan of the snow for more than 1 day, & love small doses of hot weather. The Irish in me hates the heat.

I am here for your Westcoast love & life.

Your family & its stories.

Your wild, adventurous, authentic love.

Your professional side kick to promote your business.

All of this, is all I need in life. 

You are MY inspiration.

That's me. Let's be friends!

For a full pricing guide with more information, please email me at danicyrcreative@gmail.com

Full Day Weddings Start at $2975 CDN

Half Day Weddings Start at $1950 CDN

Elopements Start at $1600 CDN

Lifestyle Sessions start at $350 CDN

Relationship Sessions Start at  $400 CDN

Portrait & Branding Sessions start at $275 CDN

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